Who are we?

As far beyond a memory serves, Leather has always been regarded as a fine, luxurious,
opulent or even magnificent product. The art behind it is curating the finest designs that
bring out its sheer beauty.

For several years, it also played a key role in Fashion. Whether in the form of bags, belts,
wallets, and even dresses, it’s always been on the covers! Be it on a runaway model or
fashion magazines, Leather has proudly claimed a space in people’s wardrobes. They
dominated the world markets for quite some time now, tracing its origin would take one
back centuries.

Exploring the grand journey and market of Leather showcases, many brands and
corporations have worked around its beauty and launched enticing collections and
lifestyle pieces to up the ante on our wardrobe choices. Us included. We’re one to be
inspired as well.
Lodis became a prominent name in 1965 in the Leather Industry. Why? Our designs
spoke for themselves. Lodis’ was inspired and founded by keeping in mind two elements

– ‘Lo’ derived from Loewe of Spain and ‘Dis’ the initials of Daniel Isaac Segat. The
purpose being?
The joint vision helped inculcate the European design, aesthetic, style, and quality to
America. Hence – Our Designs Speak for Themselves.

It’s never just a design or just a bag – It is the representation of how our designers put
together years of experience, talent, consumer tastes, and needs, all combined into that
one unique layout. That layout is the byproduct that is proudly flaunted by our loyalists –
cause it’s a Lodis!

An independent and uniquely American brand, our motive at Lodis is to live up to the
expectations of our customers. . The dynamic consumption patterns that we’ve noticed
over the years, have made us evolve and make changes with every passing year. From
Leather being just a commodity that was to be seen in magazines and on fashion
models, it has now become something that every woman hosts in her wardrobe.
Therefore, each new design is curated with the perfect amalgamation for our
consumers: Our premium quality leather combined with ever-evolving design.


Our Relationship Status: Committed

We’re committed to highlighting our traditions in every product we make. Committed to
making each customer feel precious like they’ve found the One! The One bag that’ll
make them look nothing less than Breathtaking. Sounds dreamy? Our processes of
curating each piece surely are. to making our consumers feel powerful, happy, beautiful,
and most of all – in awe, when they make a purchase. All said and done, we are
committed to ensuring we touch several lives, people, and not just our customers but
communities as well. Our ultimate goal is to not just make a fashion statement but to
bring a smile to our customer’s faces. There’s nothing more soothing than seeing you
smile, as you carry that accessory.


Inner Calm: Giving Back to the Community

While customers are our highest priority, we never fail to claim our relationship status
towards the Community as well. Our goal, efforts, and every decision are carefully
planned to keep the welfare of the community in mind. Nearly 50% of our leather
sourcing is done from LWG tanneries. Why?
These tanneries adhere to the highest levels of environmental standards in the industry
at present. Their ideologies match ours and we plan on proceeding to a higher % by each
passing year. We’re focused on achieving a full 100% sourcing from these LWG
tanneries by the end of 2023. As we search for our Zen mode even more, while giving
back to the community, one such step that we’ve decided to take is using only recycled
paper for producing packaging materials. It can be a long process, but we’re determined
to keep going in the right direction.


Sustainability is the Key

Sustainable Development is the need of the hour for a safer and happier future. We
make sure every product or design created is of the highest quality standard so that they
stay with you, by your side for as long as possible. The longer they last, the less impact it
creates on the environment. Every move is focused on battling the severe Environmental
issues we all are facing.
A bag is not just an accessory, it’s an asset. Each bag created undergoes multiple levels
of quality checks, before it finally hits the market. Every piece has to be unique,
exhibiting perfection. Therefore, we believe in delivering the best.
Lodis has created a face value of the future of Leather Bags in the market: Present, Past,
and Future. With this esteemed tag, collaborating with our vision of touching lives
everywhere, it’s time to Grow Even More. All, but in Style.