Lodis 1965 – Our Story

Who we are is defined in the short walk between the shores of today, tomorrow and yesterday. Our story begins in the 60s, when mechanisation had spun a new meaning to what it means to be fashionable and subsequently opened avenues for migration of ideas across the Atlantic. In 1965, Lodis came to the American shores with the intent of bringing European Fashion Heritage to the everyday American community.  The brand name is a portmanteau: LO- standing for the heritage leather house of Spain, Loewe and -DIS being the initials of Daniel Isaac Segaat. The symbiotic partnership of modernity and tradition is symbolic for the Great American Dream – standing in for what it means to be a truly modern brand. Of making the best of new age design while being firmly  rooted in the skilled craftsmanship of the past.

We, here at Lodis, are on a mission to redefine what it means to be luxurious. We are committed to the universality of striving to be better, and in reframing what it means to be better. In a rapidly changing world, we have ensured our commitment to quality and accessibility through a line of affordable luxurious leather goods that have continued to remain true to their roots. It is in the  confidence found in tradition that we are able to breakthrough with brazen boldness and do due justice to modernity. A modernity found in leaving the obsolescence of hardline luxury in the past, and bringing the best we can provide to one and all today.

Lodis maintains an in-house production line to ensure ethical manufacturing and quality control. Our commitment to high quality craftsmanship is not exclusive of good trade practices. From sourcing to boxing, the entire manufacturing process is supervised by our highly skilled designers who are present from needle to thread. For us, the essence of conscionable luxury lies in the question – ‘what do we owe each other?’.

Luxury is not defined by the gate kept shrines of the past. Neither is it a far reaching concept of the magazine world. Luxury is personal style, confidence, and access to joy. We are creators on a mission and the trendsetters of tomorrow – bringing approachable luxury to cosmopolitan women of today, consistently and in good faith.