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Our Commitment
as a Brand.

We believe in crafting beautiful things responsibly that you can be yourself in. Since the inception of our brand back in 1965 LODIS has been inspired by the fashion spirit of Madrid and has continuously been bringing fashion and value in sync with today’s cosmopolitan women. The brand till date cares about every stitch that goes into our product, we care about the impact we have on people, communities and the planet. Our commitment starts at the sourcing level of raw materials and follows up with the product till it gets in the hands of our consumers. Small details like using only recycled paper for producing our packaging materials are small things we pay attention to in order to help create a better future for all.

Sourcing and

We create our products according to the highest quality standards, not only because we want to deliver beautiful and well-made products but also because the longer our products last the less their environmental impact is on our beautiful planet. From sourcing the finest materials to working with only approved leather goods factories that follow strict guidelines in maintaining social and environmental norms.

Additionally we mandate rigorous quality testing parameters of all raw materials and finished goods to ensure they adhere to a set of quality and safety standards that help create products that are not only beautiful but are also made to last a long time.

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    We don’t just care about how leather looks we care about its impact, too. Currently the brand sources 50% of its leathers from certified LWG tanneries who adhere to the highest environmental standard in the industry for making quality leather for our products. Additionally we have set a target to source 100% of our leathers from LWG tanneries only by end of 2023. It’s this special combination of uniformity, color, durability, suppleness and natural character that distinguishes our leathers.

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    We believe that better things create a better future for all. As Sustainability goes on keeping and wearing what you buy; be it be for longer period or few months decreases the impact it has on the product A promise can be made that everything we make is crafted to last. As part of this promise, we offer services to love and carry on.

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    Quality Commitment

    Our bags undergo some of the most rigorous quality tests before they meet our customers. We pass our bags through a series of lab tests to check its wear and tear, seam strength, zipper function test and also a weight test to ensure the bag can hold certain amount of weight when in consumer’s hands.

Our Designers

We collaborate with a brilliant group of world-renowned designers from all corners of the world. From established designers to upcoming vibrant talents we create a pool of fresh looks and designs to help bring to life our chic and contemporary bags. At LODIS we believe in creating beautiful designs that are built to last and to love for many years and this achieved by walking hand in hand with using more sustainable raw materials and take inspiration from nature which is the starting point of every new design – all the way from the first sketches to the final product. Behind every single design there is a beautiful and creative mind who share the same passion for the brand which has a vision to be a leader in creating designs using natural materials and achieve traceability and sustainability in all their creations.